Head bands and Bears

I have been making a few gifts for some of my cousins I am going to visit this week. For my 11 year old cousin I have made a few headbands, trying to span that period between little girl and teenager. I’ve used her favourite colours, purple and black, I don’t think they look too grown up or too little girl, let’s hope she feels the same!

This first one is wrapped in ribbon with pre-made Kansashi stuck on, Kansashi is a craft I am hoping to learn in Japan 🙂

This one is also ribbon wrapped, this time with a polkadot ribbon. Each headband took a little over 2m of ribbon! The butterfly is glittery though this photo doesn’t show it.

I also made a bear using the funky friends factory honey bear pattern. He is made entirely out of fleece with safety eyes.


Edit: I also made the pander security blanket from the same site and using the same fleece. It was my first attempt at using pre-made binding which was a little scary! Unfortunately no photo of that little guy as I was working on it right up to the night before!



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