Garters, Headbands and Hairclips

I had so much fun making garters and headbands for my partner in craftster’s “Going to the Chapel Swap” that I decided I want to make a whole lot more!!!

Customers will be able to have a completely handcrafted, special piece made just for them. You can choose colours that will suit your wedding colour scheme or you can choose the traditional white or white and blue. All pieces will be made to order so they will fit you just right and you can choose a simple band of lace and fabric or have it adorned with ribbons and/or trinkets!

Garter for throwing or keeping $25 + $3pp

Flower girl headbands can also be made in consultation with you to match flower girl dresses and wedding themes and can be simple ribbon bands, bands with silk flowers or other hair ornaments.

Flower Girl Headbands $12 + $3pp

I can also make hand sewn flower  bobby-pins for the bride or bridesmaids 🙂

Bride / Bridesmaids Bobbypins $5 + $1pp

If you’re interested send me an email @ and allow two to three weeks between ordering and receiving. All prices in AUD, additional postage fees for overseas shipping


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