First Days

The past few weeks have been so hectic getting everything organised for our move to Japan. After what seems like years we are finally here! I had thought that our adventure would begin when we flew out from Sydney on Thursday but Josh had other ideas 🙂

On Saturday night Josh took me to Banisters… And proposed! I can’t wait to start crafting for our wedding, we’re planning it for two years from now. I am very excited to say that I have now moved to Japan with my fiancée ❤



Thursdays big adventure began with a traffic jam in torrential rain and resulted in us just making the final call for our flight, thank goodness we had an early flight as shortly after we took off a number of flights were cancelled due to the terrible weather.

After arriving safely in Nagoya we’ve enjoyed our first different Kit Kat… It was strawberry flavoured!


And I have purchased my first piece of stationary a cute little business card sized card and envelope set.


It was raining on Friday so we went into a pharmacy to see if we could buy an umbrella, the owner told us he had none in stock… So he gave us his own umbrella! I couldn’t believe how generous he was! So far everyone has been so wonderful helping us to get around and make sense of our new home. I’m feeling settled in already 🙂


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