Golden Week Days 1 & 2

Quite possibly the most aptly named holiday, Golden week so far has lived up to our expectations! We started Sunday by playing put put at the park, and seeing a man feeding the birds, though not pigeons like you usually see!





Then we went to the Belgian Beer Festival! We enjoyed some delicious beers and food!


A robot made of chewing gum! Cara and Valerie were impressed 😉


And some delicious cheese with raisin lollies.


After the festival Cara and I had some lunch, pizza, yum! And went shopping at Daiso, the ¥100 shop. Then we met up with Josh for a ride on the ferris wheel in Sakae.





That night Josh and I enjoyed dinner at Japan’s #1 Okonomiyaki restaurant. It is delicious!!! I also had my favourite Japanese dish, Omu Soba. The restaurant is owned by the most wonderful, lovely couple who have made us feel so at home in Japan!


After dinner it was back home to soak in our weird Japanese style bath tub, it looks like an oversized laundry sink! What bath would be complete though without a bath bomb?



And as it dissolved look what appeared!


A teddy bear!!!

Today we visited a shrine at Jingu Nishi, called Atsuta shrine.




The oldest tree at the shrine:










Prayers tied to the fence ^



If you’ve ever wondered what a thousand paper cranes looks like:





An amazingly rusty building we saw


And a token for studies, let’s hope I can actually do the course I want now!




4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sandy + Shane
    May 06, 2012 @ 08:28:24

    Well where do we start. Let me say that Shane was getting all nostalgic and wanted to get on a jet plane and come and visit you in Japan. He is like you both and loves all things Japanese. I can appreciate the beauty and simplicity of Japan. You found the Y100 shop. That is the favourite haunt of all flight attendants.

    Even I have been swayed by all those cute things you have found. I especially liked the bath bomb that turned into a bear and the polar bear because Shane’s nickname is bear.

    What’s been happening with your course. Is the course you are doing not what you wanted to do.

    We’ve moved seasons here in Bendalong. Although, we are experiencing the most glorious Autumnal days. Our kangaroos and wallabies are back for the winter.

    We eagerly await your next post. S+S


    • howlovelycreations
      May 19, 2012 @ 23:57:35

      Hi Sandy and Shane!


    • howlovelycreations
      May 20, 2012 @ 00:04:00

      Hi Sandy and Shane!
      If you want to come visit your welcome to stay! We’re getting futon soon so it would be a very traditional experience! I love the Â¥100 yen store Sandy! So many useful and cute things! Yes changing degrees 🙂 I’ve realised I don’t want to be a teacher long term! So I’m going to study Fine Arts and Visual culture, it’ll allow me to do curating and graphic design, something more creative 🙂 Your description of Bendalong makes me homesick, haha! My students never believe me when I tell them kangaroos come right up on people’s front lawns. Have you been working a lot lately? It must be starting to get chilly back in Milton!


  2. Sandy + Shane
    Jun 02, 2012 @ 16:46:24

    Hello Caitlin + Josh!
    Thank you so much for your very kind invitation to come and experience the futon. Shane would be there in a minute if he knew that Josh was going to whip up one of his gastronomic delights.

    We know we don’t know you well enough to comment but your new course just sounds like it was made for you. Keep us posted.

    Your photos are extraordinary. They really capture the essence of Japan.

    How is the fox enjoying life in its new home. That is the perfect place for a fox. We are building a chicken coop with our neighbours at the moment so we do not ever want to see a fox.

    We are still laughing at your big adventure when everything was closed. The getting lost bit made me think of the first time we were in Narita together. I told Shane I knew the way into Narita town from our hotel. It was a beautiful walk through farmland and amazing swathes of bamboo. It should have taken an hour but at the 3 hour mark I knew we were lost. Did I get lots of glaring and ferocious looks. That was nearly the last time I’ve been allowed to navigate.

    Have you heard from your friend Mayuko. What a very different life she will be having now.

    Shane has been working hard but I have been home having hurt my back at work. Am going back to work next week so will post you a comment while I’m away.


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