New Store

I’ve been quiet lately but I have been busy! I’ve opened up my Etsy store 🙂 check it out 🙂



Fox and Owl Swap

My lovely swap partner Ysmeine received the package I sent her on Friday, I can’t believe it got there so quick! This was the Fox and Owl swap on Craftster, my favourite online hangout.
Here’s what I made:


A needle felted fox compact mirror, with my first French knots for his eyes.

A needle felted fox, who needed a home of course! So I built him a terrarium to live in, inspired by one of my crafting hero’s, Knickertwist, you can find her amazing work, including tutorials for the tiny mushrooms and houses over at her blog Pixie Hill.

It didn’t quite fit into the first jar, which sucked because it had a really pretty lid!



I also made an owl phone cover. Modified from a pattern by Nilmerg.

I also made some crochet owls. They are available as a free crochet pattern here

A cross stitch owl bookmark.

My first ever atc.

And some extras, a ceramic owl bowl, origami paper and one piece figurines.



I’m looking forward to my next swap, Vintage Swap starting soon! And steadily working through my journal for a month swap 🙂

Felt animals

My first felt animals! I’m working from this sweet little Japanese craft book at the moment, and hope to start developing my own patterns soon!


A little chocolate cat and a monkey!

Photo Roll

So the last week and a half has been crazy busy with training. I guess that resolve to write everyday didn’t last long! But I have been taking photos, so here we go:


Tea from the local supermarket. This has all been delicious! Blueberry flavor, strawberry and caramel, lemon, raspberry and blueberry, apple, white wine and muscat, peach and citrus… I think that’s all of it!

Chocolate mousse desserts, one of my favorite snacks here 🙂


Spoon from my cereal featuring Doraemon! I love that silly health things aren’t ruining the fun of cereal here. You can still get cute things in your cereal yay!


Josh very excited that we found bacon, it is curiously square though!


Flowers at Tsurumai park. From the train as it drives past you can see these are love hearts.


The main entrance to Tsurumai park, a big pavilion and water fall.


Cherry blossoms filled with buds and lanterns.


Signs for the Hanami! That is picnic under the cherry blossoms.


Cherry blossoms at night! People are having a picnic at night!


The view from my train ride today.


The first craft project I’ve bought 🙂 can’t wait to make these little guys!


Delicious dinner Josh made me tonight 🙂 we got the recipe from a show where a guy cross dresses as a house wife and cooks a random family breakfast while the actual wife sleeps in… We decided it was more dinner than breakfast. The show is called Shingo Mama.


To embroider or not to embroider?

I had planned on getting an embroidery machine when I got to Japan, but I’m not sure I can justify it, they’re pretty much just as expensive as at home. The sewing machines on the other hand are quite reasonable compared to home and there are quite a lot more to choose from. So I am thinking of opting for a sewing machine, because I miss mine like crazy! And because an embroidery machine is such a serious piece of equipment I think it should be more of a long term investment, something I get back home that I don’t need to ship back when it might get damaged in the process!

Garters, Headbands and Hairclips

I had so much fun making garters and headbands for my partner in craftster’s “Going to the Chapel Swap” that I decided I want to make a whole lot more!!!

Customers will be able to have a completely handcrafted, special piece made just for them. You can choose colours that will suit your wedding colour scheme or you can choose the traditional white or white and blue. All pieces will be made to order so they will fit you just right and you can choose a simple band of lace and fabric or have it adorned with ribbons and/or trinkets!

Garter for throwing or keeping $25 + $3pp

Flower girl headbands can also be made in consultation with you to match flower girl dresses and wedding themes and can be simple ribbon bands, bands with silk flowers or other hair ornaments.

Flower Girl Headbands $12 + $3pp

I can also make hand sewn flower  bobby-pins for the bride or bridesmaids 🙂

Bride / Bridesmaids Bobbypins $5 + $1pp

If you’re interested send me an email @ and allow two to three weeks between ordering and receiving. All prices in AUD, additional postage fees for overseas shipping

Market Stall

I held my first market stall on Wednesday this week!!! It was so much fun!!! Leading up to it I was so nervous that no one would buy anything but I actually sold way more than I had expected!! The big seller of the day was earrings. I love my earrings and I am always careful to use surgical steel, having sensitive ears myself I know how important this is. I’m actually going to have to order a lot more hooks! This stall has given me a lot of confidence, so much so that I’m hoping to have a stall at the Milton markets this summer 🙂 It would be such a dream!

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